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PAN Hospitality is a one-stop hospitality industry software development company. Established in 1998, our aim was to develop a single robust software solution, consolidating all management needs into one easy to use real time system.

We offer a comprehensive software package developed by PAN Hospitality to achieve this objective. It is a feature rich solution, delivering easy to use tools to facilitate hotel management and development, perfect for businesses of all sizes. The package provides companies the flexibility to customize the features to suit their specific needs.


Experience the pinnacle of efficiency and convenience with our cutting-edge Reservation Software. Designed to empower property managers and elevate guest experiences, our platform seamlessly integrates a suite of features tailored to meet the demands of modern hospitality.

Release Dates to Maximize Availability

Optimize your property's yield management strategy with our release date feature. By strategically releasing availability, you can maximize occupancy during peak periods and capitalize on demand fluctuations.

Flexible Pricing Options

Tailor pricing to suit your business model effortlessly. Whether it's room rates, per-person rates, extras, activities, or flights, our software accommodates diverse pricing structures, enabling you to optimize revenue and enhance profitability.

Deposit Schedules with Follow-Up Utility

Streamline your deposit collection process with customizable deposit schedules. Our intuitive follow-up utility ensures timely reminders and facilitates seamless payment tracking, empowering you to secure bookings efficiently.

Comprehensive Guest History

Delight guests with personalized experiences. Gain insights into guest preferences, booking history, and special requests with our comprehensive guest history feature, allowing you to anticipate needs and exceed expectations

Point of Sale

Say goodbye to disjointed processes and fragmented experiences. Our POS system is part of our Property Management Software, providing guests with a unified experience from check-in to check-out. Whether they're dining at your restaurant, enjoying drinks at the bar, or making purchases at your gift shop, guests can expect a seamless and cohesive experience throughout their stay

Detailed Supervisor User Rights

Maintain control and oversight without sacrificing flexibility. Our software offers detailed supervisor user rights, allowing you to customize access levels and permissions to suit your organizational hierarchy and security protocols.

Consolidated Billing on Check-Out

Simplify billing and enhance guest convenience. Our software automatically consolidates restaurant and bar charges with the hotel bill, providing guests with a single, comprehensive invoice at check-out, streamlining the payment process and eliminating confusion.

Price Categories to Allow Multiple Selling Prices

Cater to diverse customer needs and market demands effortlessly. With price categories, you can define multiple selling prices based on product attributes, promotions, or customer segments, ensuring optimal pricing strategies and maximizing profitability.

Multiple Location Order Printing

Enhance order fulfillment and streamline kitchen operations across multiple locations. Our POS software supports multiple location order printing, enabling seamless communication between front-of-house and back-of-house teams for efficient order processing and timely delivery.                                                

Stock Control

An inventory control system that includes point of sale (POS), reservations, and accounting as part of a property management system (PMS) in the hospitality industry should have several key features to effectively manage inventory, streamline operations, and ensure accurate financial reporting.

Real-time Integration

Seamless integration with POS, reservations, and accounting systems to ensure real-time updates on inventory levels, sales, reservations, and financial transactions.

  • Purchase Orders (PO's):  Creation, management, and tracking of purchase orders for procuring inventory items from suppliers/vendors.
  • Order Status Tracking:      Monitor the status of orders, including pending, confirmed, and received, to ensure timely procurement and delivery of inventory.
Automated Inventory Tracking

Automated tracking of inventory levels based on sales, reservations, and usage to prevent stockouts, overstocking, and wastage. This includes tracking inventory movements from procurement to consumption.

More Features:

GRV Receipt Confirmation: Recording and verification of received inventory against purchase orders through goods received vouchers. 

Inter-Location Transfers: Facilitating transfers of inventory items between different locations or departments within the organization.

Regular Audits: Scheduling and conducting physical inventory counts or stocktakes to reconcile actual inventory levels with system records.


An accounting module integrated into a hospitality property management system (PMS) needs to be robust and feature-rich to handle various financial transactions, currency conversions, tax compliance, and reporting requirements specific to the hospitality industry.
Booking and Inventory Links
  • Integration with booking and inventory modules of the PMS to capture revenue and expenses associated with room bookings, food and beverage sales, ancillary services, and other hospitality operations.
  • Seamless synchronization of financial data between the accounting module and other modules to ensure accuracy and consistency.
General Ledger
  • Maintenance of a general ledger to record all financial transactions, including journal entries, adjustments, and allocations.
  • Posting of transactions to appropriate ledger accounts based on chart of accounts and accounting principles.
  • Real-time updating of ledger balances and account reconciliations.
Trial Balance
  • Preparation of trial balance reports to summarize the financial balances of all ledger accounts at a specific point in time.
  • Detailed breakdown of debit and credit balances for each account, including revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities, and equity.
Financial Reporting

Generation of comprehensive financial reports, including income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and financial ratios.

Comparative analysis of financial performance across different periods, business units, or properties.

Creation and management of budgets for revenue, expenses.

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