November Newsletter

Newsletter: November 2020

PAN Guest Mobile Application

We are happy to announce…Our mobile app for IOS and Android is now available on the respective stores! In order to use these applications, you will need to contact us to arrange a quotation and installation of the server software. Once the paperwork is out of the way, you can go ahead and let your guests know that they can download the relevant application for their device and check their booking details on their own phones. The app is called PAN Guest App

What you will get:
Assistance with initial setup. This includes a user manual for your guests as well as the staff at the property assigned to check the information. Support when you or the guest is experiencing technical difficulties with either the application, the server or your PAN software.

Again with the Backups

Again with the backups. With the summer season in full force, please ensure that you have backups running and that you have at least ONE offsite backup a week. You can contact us at any time for assistance or guidance.

Accurately post your revenue

Did you know…Accurate revenue can be posted using our rate split utility. Package rates can be split using percentages or set amounts. It even goes as far as splitting services that are taxable and non taxable from a total.  

A bed and breakfast rate, for example, can be split to separate income accounts. One for Accommodation revenue and the other for the meals!

PAN Compatible Hardware:
As a property management system, there are additional requirements to make every day tasks time efficient. Over time, the PAN development team made sure to keep up with the latest trends.

Read more on our website, the download is under Our Services