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We have put numerous processes in place to make the task of a reservation consultant easier. We have added a utility whereby reminders can be set up for certain rates. This utility will allow the consultant to link a rate to a property. Generally, if a lodge is based in a nature reserve, there will be a conservation levy and / or gate fee due by the travelling guest. It is usually the reservation consultants responsibility to charge the guest for this.

Using the utility, you will be able to set a pop up (reminder) for a rate, like conservation levies, to remind the person creating the reservation to charge all the applicable rates. The pop up will serve as a reminder only when the applicable rate is not on the reservation.

The user will be allowed to proceed without adding the rate as this is only a reminder.  The guest could be travelling to multiple properties in the same reserve and only be charged for a gate fee once. The system logs the response received from the consultant to ensure the pop up was acknowledged. You will require a system update for the additional features and we will supply you with a how to document for the setup. Too many rooms to fit on your POS screen? Wish you could search for the guest's room instead of needing to scroll to it?

The new search function we have built into the POS module will make finding the correct room number easier than ever. When ringing up items, you can now search for the room using the room number, guest name or booking reference.

PANHospitality News Bulletin, What’s new

Keep an eye out for more updates on improvements and additions in the next PAN Bulletin coming soon. We will be discussing the new features in our stock control module.

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