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April 2021 Newsletter

Backup piece of mind…
The focus on data security is increasing everyday.  We have had numerous cases where clients had a false sense of security due to IT companies not ensuring the PANHospitality database is part of their backups.  

To lose all your data can be devastating! To prevent this from happening, we now offer the service of backing up your PAN database to the cloud.

What you will get:
– Setup of the automated process
– Daily backups of your PANHospitality database uploaded to the cloud
– 7 Days of backups to restore from
– Notification if a backup failed (internet or other issues)

For as little as R250.00 excl Vat per month
Integrated Online Payment Portal

Did you know that we have two types of interfaces with the Paygate online payment portal? 

1) A link is added on the guest provisional reservation. If they click on it using a phone or a PC, they will be taken to the secure site where a payment can be processed.  The reservation number will be the reference as well as other guest information.  

2)We have a tab on the web-based app where guests can pay a deposit or settle their bill (which is also displayed on one of the tabs)

Both of these can be used once you register with Paygate (using our developer ID) and linking them to your merchant account at your bank.  There is no simpler way to accept credit card payments!

Enhancements to OrdersOver the past year, we have made numerous enhancements to our order functionality! 

From user based approval to sending your orders to suppliers directly from the order screen.

Contact us to find out more!

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