Frequently asked questions

I have a pop up message stating my database version is invalid

This means that there was an upgrade and your workstation does not have the latest version. You can use the update utility or contact our support team for assistance.

I have a pop up message stating my accounting period is invalid

You were meant to have a year end roll over to adjust the accounting periods. Please contact our support office to assist.

When I try to log in I get the following message: Unknown database, your username and password are not defined

The user profile was not created correctly. Ask your administrator to check the profile or contact our support team

Some of my menu items are grey’ d out. How can I access these features?

Your system administrator might have a reason for not granting access. Consult your administrator to make user right changes

I had training a long time ago and cannot remember how to amend certain setup areas like rate & room amendments.

Feel free to contact our offices for a refresher and we will gladly send the manual to you as well

Can I use the system for only accounting, point of sale and stock control?

Of course you can! Our system is designed to work for numerous types of establishments and it is not a requirement to use all modules.

While I was logged into the system we had a power outage. The message displayed on the screen is “General SQL Error. Unable to complete network request. What does this mean?

PANHospitality is a fully integrated and live system. When the application loses connection to the server (database), you will need to close the application using the task manager and log in again to re-establish the connection

No question too big or too small. Remember our support team is only a phone call or email away.