We specialize in ALL applications for the hospitality industry ​

PANHospitality is a one-stop hospitality industry software development company. Established in 1998, our aim was to develop a single robust software solution, consolidating all management needs into one easy to use real time system.
We offer a comprehensive software package developed by Panstrat Solutions to achieve this objective. It is a feature rich solution, delivering easy to use tools to facilitate hotels management and development, perfect for businesses of all sizes. The package provides companies the flexibility to customize the features to suits their specific needs.
Developed by a team with over 70 years of collective experience in property, account and hospitality management, PANstrat solutions has developed an intimate understanding of the service demands and needs of the industry. It systematically incorporates this knowledge innovating modern, easy to use, adaptable, client centric and specific solutions central to its ethos of service.
We are infinitely scalable. Several properties can be managed simultaneously, and reports produced for one property or the group as a whole. This is particularly beneficial to chain hotels and lodges, or private reserves with several camps. Additionally, only one system is needed to run a multi-faced service, such as a game farm that includes a abattoir, accommodation, lodge and hunting facilities.
Reports are specifically designed to provide meaningful information off user-friendly screens and can be customized to suit specific requirements using the custom report writer. Minimal training is required to become comfortable with the system, and experience in hotel management of bookkeeping is also not a prerequisite.
Our 24/7 support offered to all our users, makes problem solving a walk in the park. We take care of your office while you take care of your guests. A dynamic team of industry trained consultants is only a call away.
We have additional services like payroll, monthly managements accounts and much more!